Nervous System Issues
[See Also Part 2: The Nervous Brain]

The human nervous system is the most overworked system in modern society. It carries more information bits per second than your personal computer, (and it comes already programmed!). Every part of the body has a nerve connection and not just one, but two. One set, the afferent nerves, carry information to the spinal cord and brain. This is the activation message. It tells you where you are in time and space, and what is going on in the world around you.

The second set, the efferent nerves, carry the brain or spinal cord's response to that new information. These nerves signal your feet to run or your head to nod in response to incoming messages.


Balanced relaxant for stress and nervousness. A soothing blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs to help the nervous system cope with both short-term and long-term stress.



General Indications
Anxiety-like response - Enlarged pupils - High blood pressure - Infrequent bowel movements - Nervous strain - Tension headaches - Irritability
Indigestion - Rapid heartbeat with palpitations or weak pulse - Nightmares - Muscle tension

Our Suggestion
(In bold would be our first choice)



Good digestion - Good stamina but lethargic - Low blood pressure - Small pupils
Sweats easily - Sensitive to noises and touch - ADHD - Mental confusion
Difficulty concentrating - Restless sleeping - Urination at night

Our Suggestion
(In bold would be our first choice)


And.. If your colon is not working properly (at least one bowel movement/day) then it is wise to start this program with a 15 days cleanse such as Tiao He Cleanse or Dieter' Cleanse.